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If all sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin, is it also a sin to kiss outside of marriage? Many wanted to know, did I really mean christian dating kissing before marriage physical intimacy? What about showing affection? How can you say definitively that other things are wrong? In this day and age, how far is really too far? I understand most physical stuff is wrong, but what about just kissing?

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In a day and age where kissing is the norm for elementary schoolers and losing your virginity in, or by high school is expected, it seems absurd and ridiculous that anyone would possibly save their first kiss for marriage. If so, check the note at the bottom of this post before you continue reading. I view it as something very special, something I can treasure, something that I can save and share with christian dating kissing before marriage future husband alone. The royal parents have a baby girl and give her the gift of her very first kiss.
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Kissing and cuddling while in a Christian dating relationship, Pastor Jim shares his thoughts about physical contact while dating. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Give this advice piece a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Today I received an email asking whether or not kissing and cuddling are considered a sin. There is nothing sinful about the activity of kissing or cuddling, depending upon the definition one gives to these words. When is it okay and when is it something that becomes unhealthy? The first place to begin in considering this type of interaction is with the couple involved. Each of them needs to define what it means to them. A christian dating kissing before marriage may be seen as a caring gesture and not have a sexual connotation to one, while the other person may be stimulated into sexual thoughts and response just by thinking about it.

Is kissing before marriage okay to do? Q: I am just wondering if a young couple striving for purity and holiness together should not kiss each other until the altar or even just until engagement. And that is a really awesome thing. So to you who wrote in with this question — I just have to take a minute and say: way to go. Way to go in thinking ahead, christian dating kissing before marriage plans, and setting boundaries in your relationship so that you can honor God and one another in the process. Just by doing those simple things you are way ahead of the game. Looking back, the first time I ever heard of this concept was actually during one of my classes in Christian college. Fast forward 15 years from the very first time I heard about this concept — and my perspective on this topic has shifted. Working with these couples was intense, but it opened my eyes to the idea that often times, in an effort to protect ourselves from crossing the line of physical boundaries, we actually shame ourselves toward purity rather than empower ourselves toward it.

Most devout Christians believe that the Bible discourages sex before marriagebut what about other forms of christian dating kissing before marriage affection before marriage? Does the Bible say that romantic kissing is a sin outside the boundaries of marriage? And if so, under what circumstances? This question can be especially problematic for Christian teenagers as they struggle to balance the requirements of their faith with societal norms and peer pressure. Like many issues today, there is no black-and-white answer. Instead, the counsel of many Christian advisers is to ask God for guidance to show the direction to follow. First, some types of kisses are acceptable and even expected.
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