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For some women, it also inspired a new way of life. Tired of men making her upset and her energy being sapped up by relationships, Kelsey decided to adopt an unusual New Year's Resolution: No Man Several women are taking part in No Man for similar reasons: frustration, continued disappointment, and a need to figure out what it is they really want out of a relationship. The origins of No Man vary, but for some it is the continuation of a tradition dating back several years. On Twitter, the phrase has circulated since aboutalthough a few 1 year no dating say that they simply landed on the concept organically.

What my friends jokingly called my Man Boycott or Penis Embargo of was my kneejerk reaction to having spent the previous four months in a relationship with one of the biggest jackasses I have ever met in my life. He was tall, gorgeous, had a badass job and wanted to spend every waking moment with me, and before I knew it I was practically living with a guy I barely knew and as it turned out, barely liked, either. There is something very liberating about not feeling the pressure to look good for another person for an entire year. If I decided to put in the effort to get all dolled up and wear something sexy when 1 year no dating went out with my friends, it was to make myself feel good, not to impress anyone else. And I would save some money on shaving cream — win-win. This has to be the greatest perk to being single.

Photo by Stocksy. But I had yet to realize that the connection I really needed was with myself. In fact, I'd never truly taken the time to get to know and accept myself as a sexual being. And so after a particularly hurtful and unfulfilling 1 year no dating, I decided to address the deeper intimacy needs I'd been trying to meet through sex. While I didn't initially decide to abstain from sex for the year, my one rule was to radically love myself and to not engage until I was really ready.
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On one hand, you've been with your SO for enough time 1 year no dating you're confident in your commitment and comfortable opening up about some not-so-easy stuff. On the other hand, after only 12 months, you aren't even close to knowing everything there is to know about your partner. Let's get one thing straight: Couples shouldn't feel like failures if they don't know every single detail of each other's hopes, dreams, failures, and successes after one year. After all, where's the fun in that? But at the same time, the one-year mark is a great excuse to check in and make sure that you're on the path to that deeper level of mutual understanding.

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