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If your boat boat tachometer hook up not already have a tachometer installed, you're only getting a partial picture of your boat's performance. You may never have come close to testing the limits of your boat's performance to learn what she would do. Adding a tachometer to your boat's instrument cluster allows you to push your boat's motor to the limit specified by the manufacturer--called "wide open throttle" in the motor operator's manual--without overstepping that boundary, thus preventing the engine from hemorrhaging internally. Use a pliers-type crimper to crimp ring connectors to both ends of the one of the red wires and the black wire and one end of each of the gray wires. Crimp a female blade disconnect onto one end of the remaining red wire and a ring connector to the other end. Loosen the nut on the "NEG" post of an instrument adjacent to the tachometer location that's activated by the ignition switch.

Boats with tachometers allow the boat owner to govern and moderate the engine's rpm rate during wide-open throttle operation. Yellow and red lines on the tachometer indicate caution and danger thresholds, warning the boat owner of boat tachometer hook up speeds exceeding the manufacture's specifications. Keeping the engine within and under maximum rpm ratings extends engine life and promotes better performance. Trailer the boat to a convenient work location. Use a socket to disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the key or lanyard from the ignition. Open the tachometer kit, and lay out the pieces. Refer to the instructions for the mounting hole's required diameter.

A boat owner running a boat without a tachometer handicaps himself significantly. It can provide an early warning to potential engine problems, and it provides an easy-to-understand metric on engine performance. Simple mistakes can goof up boat tachometer hook up tachometer, however, especially in its installation. Start the boat engine and test the tachometer and its ability to receive a signal. Run the engine at a known speed in neutral and compare to the tachometer reading. Turn off the engine and prepare to remove the tachometer if the reading is non-existent or clearly not accurate.
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The most recent and dramatic example of the extraordinary ability of zircon to retain its U-Pb systematics is from studies of zircons from the Chicxulub impact structure of the Yucatan Peninsula 58 в The shocked zircons were exhumed from the Chicxulub basement rock during meteorite impact and dispersed in the fine dust of the impact cloud.

Discordancies in the U-Pb systematics e. Uraniumвlead dating studies of shocked zircons in the fine-grained ejecta deposited in areas as wide apart as Colorado, Saskatchewan, and Haiti at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary have a predominant age of Ma, in agreement with dates for shocked zircons from the Chicxulub crater 59 в Only a material of remarkable durability, such as zircon, could preserve the isotopic signature of an event of such extreme conditions Discordant ages are common, mainly because of Pb-loss and less frequently because of U-loss.

Additionally, under extreme geologic conditions, e. Recent studies have investigated the incorporation of Pb into zircon 66 and the mechanisms by which Pb may be lost In summary, there are abundant data from geochronologic studies to show that natural zircons can quantitatively retain Pb for billions of years in the absence of episodic, thermally induced Pb loss The minor alteration of zircon over long periods of time and under rather extreme conditions stands in contrast to the observations of other potential ceramic nuclear waste forms such as pyrochlore 68 for which the data of the type summarized above are simply not presently available.

Elements may preferentially segregate into aperiodic, damaged regions that have inherently higher solubilities than crystalline ceramics 70and the annealing kinetics of recrystallization of damaged domains may substantially change the response of a material to the damage accumulation process The development of a waste form for weapons Pu requires a knowledge of diffusion rates of the actinides, as well as elements with high neutron-capture cross-sections to control criticality e.

Natural zircons can contain up to several thousand parts per million rare earths, including up to ppm of Gd, and zircon exhibits nearly complete solid solution with hafnon, HfSiO 4. Thus, neutron absorbing nuclides may be incorporated into the zircon structure; however, the neutron absorber must remain within atomic scale proximity of the fissile radionuclide Pu or U. This is why fine-scale chemical zoning and isotopic signatures are preserved in the inherited cores of zircon crystals that have experienced protracted thermal events in boat tachometer hook up past history.

In contrast, the rare-earth elements REE diffuse at rates 4в5 orders of magnitude faster than the tetravalent cations Other phases that have been suggested as waste form phases, e.

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