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I am using a Kenwood VR- reciever. I am running the sub woofer line out to a Kipsch ksw Any help would be appriecated. I am also wondering about the Phase switch, should I turn it on or off? If you want, you can buy a y-splitter to plug both, but that doesn't do anything. You'll get a 3db boost, klipsch ksw-10 hookup you can do that already by turning up gain.

Hoping someone can help out a novice. I traded some items and ended up with a Klipsch KSW 10 Subwoofer and a Marantz Receiver unsure of the model I believe it has hook ups in the back for 4 different speakers total. I am just hooking this up to listen to music directly to the receiver so I can listen to CD's. I assume maybe run 2 speakers to Channel A and then hook up the sub to channel B? I know this might seem lame, so mean people please resond somewhere else. Many thanks to all the good comments that will help me. Yes red, positive to the same on the speaker and the same with black, neg, match klipsch ksw-10 hookup from speaker to receiver. Forget monster cable, use something like 16 or even better 14 speaker wire, brand does not matter.

It may turn on automatically when you klipsch ksw-10 hookup on a receiver or other device that transmits an audio signal to the subwoofer. If we compare Klipsch rsw vs Polk psw10 we will still see some differences. One of the first ones you will notice is the amount of the power — W Polk versus W Klipsch. Nevertheless, even W of dynamic power is great for small- and middle-sized rooms.
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Page klipsch ksw-10 hookup 16 Go. Table of Contents. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Klipsch kpthls cinema subwoofer owner's manual 36 pages. Klipsch reference series rwd: user guide 24 pages. Klipsch subwoofer owner's manual rwd, 12d, rswd 30 pages. As always, if you have any questions, contact your local authorized Klipsch dealer.

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