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Every personality comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Dating as a shy girl has a small disadvantage because dating is a social activity, and shy people tend to have trouble being open and social with people who they've just met. Dating someone who's shy can seem like a problem because you may feel like they never open up to you and you never know what tips to dating a shy girl thinking, and that could be extremely frustrating. If you want her, you have to show interest in her. Shy girls tend to overthink; she may be saying to herself "Does he really like me, or is this just sex," "what does he want from me," or "why is he interested in me. Show her you care, look her in the eye when she's talking though she might look awayand compliment her on things that aren't physical. Every girl wants a guy who can make her laugh, but shy girls can be sensitive when it comes to certain jokes.

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Her social cues may confuse you and knowing if she is actually into you or not may be difficult to tell. However, sometimes the extra effort can make the tips to dating a shy girl that much sweeter. So, if you find yourself pursuing a shy girl, here are some tips that can help the beginning stages go a little smoother for you and ultimately lead to something good!
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Most people seem to think that shyness is synonymous with being an introvert. In reality, nothing could be farther tips to dating a shy girl the truth. A shy person, on the other hand, does not particularly hate the company of others, but just finds it difficult to meet new people, and talk to them. Basically, a shy person is afraid of social interaction so they avoid itwhereas an introvert wants to avoid social contact out of their own free will. Image source: Pixabayunder Creative Commons License. To further understand shy girls, here are some of their characteristic features. Suggested read: 6 easy signs to know if your partner is an introvert. These are some very general character traits that a shy person may tend to show, although it differs from person to person.

Getting to know someone who is shy can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don't know the reasons why that particular person is shy. In a dating situation you may read the signs wrong or not be able to judge if she is actually into you or interested. I've always been a shy girl myself, so below is some very good advice that I would give to people who would want to date a shy girl, tips to dating a shy girl well as what has worked and what hasn't when someone was dating me. Before you even consider to date a shy girl or befriend her, it's important to understand that people are shy for their own reasons. Some girls are shy because they have had a bad experience in the past, such as getting bullied for being the "know-it-all" in class while others learned from their parents to never talk unless spoken to.

Shy girls can be mysterious, but learning to talk comfortably to an introverted or shy girl can make dating a whole lot easier. You can tips to dating a shy girl to make shy girls more comfortable in conversation, and get to know them a little better. Learn to approach and ask out shy girls, and how to go on fun dates that will make her comfortable. Learn how to keep a shy girl happy. Categories: Dating. Start by saying hello regularly. If you've got a crush on a shy girl, it can be hard to approach her at first.
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