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Flinders Petrie, archaeologist, archaeology, famous archaeologist career, famous, archaeologist, archaeology. Born on June 3 rdin Charlton, Kent. He was given the name flinders petrie seriation dating William Matthew Flinders Petrie. Petrie's mother, Anne, had a love for science, namely fossils and natural minerals. Anne Petrie was a daughter of Captain Matthew Flinders, who was a celebrated early explorer of the coasts of Australia. Petrie taught himself trigonometry and geometry at a young age, with particular interest in varied standards of measurements. Petrie's father was a surveyor who taught his son how to use the most modern surveying equipment of the time.

Seriation can be used to date flinders petrie seriation dating about anything! Sir William Flinders Petrie, who had assemblages from various Predynastic Egyptian cemeteries, first implemented this dating method. Sir Petrie. Objects evolve over time based both on style and function, and these changes can be organized and tracked to form relative dating chronologies over various archaeological sites to get a better understanding of the development and spread. It is also worth noting that different types of artifact change in style decoration and shape at different rates, and therefore vary in the chronological distinctions that they indicate. Like goes with like. When something is produced around the same time as something else, they usually look pretty similar.

He assumed that the change in styles was an evolutionary one, and, if you could quantify that change, he surmised it might be used to indicate which cemeteries were older than others. Petrie's notions about Egyptology—and archaeology in general —were revolutionary. His worrying about where a pot came from, what period it dated to, and what that meant to the other objects buried with it was light-years flinders petrie seriation dating from the ideas represented in this photo dated toin which "Egyptian pots" was considered enough information for the thinking man. Petrie was a scientific archaeologist, probably close to our first example. The seriation method works because object styles change over time; they always have and always will. For example, consider the different music recording methods that were used in the 20th century.
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Sir Flinders Petriein full Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrieborn June 3,Charlton, near Greenwich, London, England—died July 28,JerusalemBritish archaeologist and Egyptologist who made valuable contributions to the techniques and methods of field excavation and invented a sequence dating method that made possible the reconstruction of history from the remains of ancient cultures. He was knighted in Petrie was named for his maternal grandfather, Matthew FlindersBritish navigator, pioneer hydrographer, and explorer of Australia and Tasmania. A frail child, Petrie was privately educated, early developing archaeological and ethnological interests, particularly in the area of ancient weights and measuresand in Egyptology. At the age of 24, Petrie wrote Inductive Metrology; or, The Recovery of Ancient Measures from the Monuments, a work that represented a new approach to archaeological study. Fieldwork done at various locations in Britain, including Stonehengeenabled him to determine by mathematical computations the unit of measurement for the construction of flinders petrie seriation dating monument. His Stonehenge: Plans, Description, and Theories was published inand in that same year he began the surveys and excavation of the Great Pyramid at Gizawhich initiated his four decades of exploration in the Middle East. In andat Naukratis and Daphnae in the Nile River delta, he uncovered painted pottery by which he proved that those sites had been trading colonies for the ancient Greeks.

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